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CBD Lotion For Pain Relief

CBD can exert actions directly on ECS receptors in skin and muscle tissue to help soothe pain and inflammation. Topical products like lotions and balms offer a unique opportunity to address pain, discomfort, and itchy skin with a high potency of phytocannabinoids and other active ingredients such as shea butter and lavender essential oil. This product type differs from ingestibles like capsules and gummies, in which the amount of cannabinoids delivered may be difficult to measure accurately.

A good CBD Lotion will include skin-conditioning ingredients, such as jojoba and argan oils, as well as emulsifiers to help the formula blend into your skin. Look for organic botanical ingredients that help soften and calm irritated skin. You may also want to consider how sustainable and ethically-sourced the hemp used in a lotion is, including where and how it’s grown.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Lotion: Benefits and Uses

In addition to a rich array of natural moisturizing ingredients, this product contains a high concentration of organic full-spectrum CBD and other beneficial plant extracts. These include boswellia serrata extract, an anti-inflammatory that supports joint health; Uncaria tomentosa extract, a pain-relieving herb known as cat’s claw; and menthol, a dual cooling and warming agent that relieves joint and muscle tension.

Aside from being a great CBD cream for pain, Colorado Botanicals Alleviate Cream is also an excellent choice to use in a daily routine for healthy and radiant skin. They also have a CBD Freeze Roll-On Gel that uses soothing menthol to target specific areas of joint and muscle discomfort.

Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers

A flat fee real estate broker offers a reduced price when listing your property. They typically charge a flat fee regardless of your property’s sales price. Using a flat fee broker saves you from the normal 6% that traditional agents charge on the selling side of your sale. However, it’s important to note that you still need to pay a buyer agent commission of 2-3% on the purchase side.

You should always do your research before choosing a flat fee broker. Checking reviews is a great way to find out more about the service that they offer and whether they are reputable. You should also make sure to look at their agent’s experience and specialization. For example, some agents might focus on buying homes and not selling them, which can lead to a lack of understanding about home listing protocol, the market, and negotiation tactics.

Top Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers: Cost-Effective Solutions for Selling Your Home

In addition, flat fee brokers usually have very limited services and may only list your property on MLS. This can limit your chances of getting a high profit from the sale of your property. Moreover, they may not spend time and effort in negotiating your deal to increase your profit.

However, a lot of flat fee brokers now offer upgrades that are more comprehensive than what you would get from a traditional agent. This includes things like staging and marketing your home, as well as a virtual tour of the property. This gives you more control and flexibility when selling your home.

Why You Should Invest in Quality Insulation

When you invest in quality insulation, you’re doing more than protecting the environment. You’re also saving money on energy costs, making your home more comfortable and adding to its resale value. Find out:

Insulation’s job is to resist heat flow in and out of the space. Spray foam is a synthetic material that forms an air barrier, which reduces air leakage and helps keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How Spray Foam Insulation Improves Energy Efficiency

Traditional fiberglass and cellulose insulation can only cover large surface areas, whereas spray foam fills all spaces and crevices. Its open and closed cell structures help it conform to the unique design of your home, preventing gaps, seams and voids where cold air can escape and hot air can enter. This makes it the best choice for reducing drafts and improving your energy efficiency.

The EPA reports that most homes lose up to 20 percent of their heating and cooling energy due to air leakage. With spray foam insulation, you can minimize this loss and save on your energy bill.

A professional spray foam contractor uses an applicator gun to apply the insulation in your home or commercial structure. While DIY spray foam kits are available for homeowners who feel confident in their skill set, it’s a better idea to leave the job to the pros for more consistent coverage and precise insulation performance. The professionals can seal a whole house using just one kit that contains more than 600 board feet of high-quality spray foam.

Quality Insulation
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