7 Fallen Angels Names and Meanings

7 Fallen Angels Names and Meanings

Angels 7 fallen angels names and meanings , created by God to serve His purposes. While most of the angels were good, Lucifer became prideful and sought to be equal to God. This is what caused him to fall from grace and become the leader of fallen angels. As a result, he gained many followers and started bringing evil with him.

Beyond the Divine Veil: A Deep Dive into the Names and Significance of the Seven Fallen Angels

1. Caim * a fallen angel who looks like a thrush or a man with a sword. She can cause storms. 2. Azazel * one of the most evil fallen angels, he can change into a snake. He also teaches humans to lie and has the power of deception. 3. Malavriel * a fallen angel who can bring disease to the human race and has a dragon-like appearance. 4. Apollyon * a fallen angel of death, the same as Abaddon. 5. Asmoday * a fallen angel king who has three heads: a bull, ram and a man. He is responsible for hiding things and creating secrets and mysteries that weren’t there before. 6. Armaros * the 11th Watcher angel who taught humanity how to resolve enchantments.

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