CBD Lotion For Pain Relief

CBD Lotion For Pain Relief

CBD can exert actions directly on ECS receptors in skin and muscle tissue to help soothe pain and inflammation. Topical products like lotions and balms offer a unique opportunity to address pain, discomfort, and itchy skin with a high potency of phytocannabinoids and other active ingredients such as shea butter and lavender essential oil. This product type differs from ingestibles like capsules and gummies, in which the amount of cannabinoids delivered may be difficult to measure accurately.

A good CBD Lotion will include skin-conditioning ingredients, such as jojoba and argan oils, as well as emulsifiers to help the formula blend into your skin. Look for organic botanical ingredients that help soften and calm irritated skin. You may also want to consider how sustainable and ethically-sourced the hemp used in a lotion is, including where and how it’s grown.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Lotion: Benefits and Uses

In addition to a rich array of natural moisturizing ingredients, this product contains a high concentration of organic full-spectrum CBD and other beneficial plant extracts. These include boswellia serrata extract, an anti-inflammatory that supports joint health; Uncaria tomentosa extract, a pain-relieving herb known as cat’s claw; and menthol, a dual cooling and warming agent that relieves joint and muscle tension.

Aside from being a great CBD cream for pain, Colorado Botanicals Alleviate Cream is also an excellent choice to use in a daily routine for healthy and radiant skin. They also have a CBD Freeze Roll-On Gel that uses soothing menthol to target specific areas of joint and muscle discomfort.

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