How to Apply DTF Transfers

How to Apply DTF Transfers

Atlanta DTF Transfers are a printing method that allows designers and print shops to create different designs ready to be applied onto a variety of fabrics. This method allows for a high level of detail, great durability and is very versatile in terms of application. It is a cost-effective solution for producing custom garments and other hard goods such as mugs, glasses, plates, hats and bags.

How do I apply direct to film?

The process of DTF transfers begins with the design being printed on a film by using a DTF printer. A coating of adhesive powder is then added to the design. Once the prints have been applied, they are then cured in a dryer and finally pressed to the fabric where the adhesive melts and bonds to it. These prints are able to be used on any color of fabric and can stand up to frequent washing, giving your clothes a long-lasting and attractive appearance.

To apply the DTF transfers, you will need a commercial heat press that is capable of applying medium to high pressure. Start by pre-ironing the garment where you will be placing the transfer – this helps to remove any moisture and ensures that it is properly aligned. After that, place the DTF Transfer onto the garment with the white side down and the image facing up. Apply even, firm pressure for the recommended time (typically around 15 seconds) and then allow it to cool for 20-30 seconds.

Lastly, peel the transfer and cover it with parchment paper or Teflon sheet. This will prevent the colors on the garment from bleeding or scratching off the DTF Transfer.

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