Identify Network Carriers Easily With Free Carrier Lookup

Identify Network Carriers Easily With Free Carrier Lookup

The number of mobile phone users has risen drastically over the last five years. Cell phone use has become the most effective communication tool for businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs. For SMS marketers, it’s important to be able to separate landline, mobile, VOIP, and toll-free numbers so you can deliver the most relevant messages to your customer base. This can help you remove invalid or undeliverable phone numbers from your database, better plan your marketing campaigns based on device type, and improve customer service.Click the Following Website

How can I find out who owns a phone number for free?

In addition to checking for validity, a carrier lookup can also provide information like line type, location, spam & risk score, and more. This can be useful in identifying potential fraud or spoofing and can also help you improve your business’s processes, saving your team time and resources.

For example, Messente’s free carrier lookup uses precise databases to identify the exact mobile or landline carrier a phone number belongs to. We also perform a home location register (HLR) check, which can identify subscriber information, active line status, and roaming signals.

For businesses looking for a more advanced option, there are several carrier lookup APIs available to integrate into your CRM or website. Twilio’s NumberLookup API returns validation and formatting, country and area code, network information, time zone, and more. Likewise, Plivo’s NumberLookup API offers validation and formatting, geolocation data, mobile network information, and more. Plivo also has a variety of pricing options, including pay-as-you-go and a monthly subscription. For details, contact a sales representative.

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