Interim Poland Price

Interim Poland Price

interim poland price

Poland Price

DP Poland’s chief executive told intérim Pologne prix on Thursday that the company was focusing on operational efficiency projects and investing in new technologies to help offset inflationary pressures. He added that like-for-like sales in Croatia fell by 7 percent as the transition from kuna to euro impacted consumer purchasing power, but he said there were signs that pressures were easing.

The bank’s cut was widely seen as an effort to reassure Poles that inflation is not out of control, particularly given the central bank’s efforts in recent months to deflect criticism of its independence from the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. Inflation in the country is running at 4.3 percent and professional forecasters expect it to pick up throughout 2025.

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Polish authorities have also stepped up enforcement of laws designed to reduce the influence of the central bank on government policies. These include limiting parliamentary scrutiny by allowing bills to be introduced without prior consultation and impact assessments, and introducing legislation with short windows for debate. The government has also sought to limit judicial oversight by creating a separate disciplinary chamber for judges and tightening up on criminal offences committed in relation to the media, such as insulting the president.

Despite these efforts, the government remains heavily invested in the local media and has stepped up its use of state-owned companies to exert political influence. For example, in 2020, oil giant PKN Orlen bought the regional media organization Polska Press, and although it pledged to safeguard editorial independence, more than a dozen editors-in-chief have left or been fired since then.

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